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Services and Fees

We follow the Washington State notary public fees for notarial acts.

Notary Act and Fees:

  • Witnessing or attesting a signature: $10.00


  • Taking acknowledgement or verification upon oath or affirmation: $10.00


  • Certifying or attesting a copy: $10.00

  • Receiving or noting a protest of a negotiable instrument: $10.00

  • Being present at demand, tender, or deposit, and noting the same: $10.00


  • Administering an oath or affirmation: $10.00


  • Certifying that an event has occurred or an act has been performed: $10.00

Mobile Notary Travel Fees

We charge a round-trip travel fee in addition to our notary fees. 

We us google maps to calculate the distance between our location to yours. 

Travel Fee: $2.00 per mile (minimum $10.00)

Hospitals: $75.00 plus notary fee


Mortgage Notary - Signing Agent  (Travel Included)

Camano Island signing fee: $75 

Other signing locations: $90*


E-documents: $25 (1 -2 copies)

Additional loan docs (same signing): $50

Pickups: $25 extra

Drop-offs: $40 extra

Modifications $85 per package​

*up to 50 miles RT. Additional fees may apply for other locations.

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